Preserved Baby Breath

Preserved Baby Breath

Material: Natural Baby Breath


Color:Customized Support

Weight:3-4 stems/bunch, about 100g/bunch

This product is natural baby breath, it will may have different each pieces.

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Due to its attractiveness and durability, whether fresh or dried, gypsophila or as it is more often known baby’s breath, is widely recognized as a frequent flower filler used by florists and flower shops. Baby’s breath, so named because of its light look, serves as more than simply a floral filler; it is also utilized in cuisine, medicine, and horticulture.


Although native to regions like Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, baby’s breath has also spread to other nations like North America. One of the largest varieties of baby’s breath may be found in Turkey.


Saponins, an organic molecule that develops a frothy appearance when mixed with water, are present in baby’s breath. Many products, including photographic film and laboratory reagents for hemolysis, are made with saponins. Due to their ability to act as a detergent, they are frequently utilized in soap and shampoo. Baby’s breath is a highly versatile flower that can be utilized in a variety of creative and lovely ways. They have traditionally been used with roses and in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.


Blue and white Baby Breath Flowers represent honesty and respect, while white represents unification and spirituality. Orange blossoms stand for happiness and hope, while crimson Baby Breath flowers, unsurprisingly, represent love and romance. Purple represents nobility and beauty, while pink ones are supposed to convey kindness and feelings. Our favorite flower is the yellow baby’s breath since it offers a gift of happiness, cheer, and a beam of sunshine.


Sending someone a surprise bouquet of baby breath flowers today, whether it’s for their birthday, an anniversary, or just because, is sure to make them happy. Additionally, give them some pointers so they can preserve this happy moment in time as well!


If you want the best quality preserved baby breath then you must contact us to check out our services and aesthetic plans. You can also have a look at our catalogue to know more about the product.

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