Artificial Rose

Artificial Rose

  • Material: silk fabrics+plastic
  • Each rose about 25inch long with 3 rose heads, 2blossom rose heads about 3.2inch, silk rose flowers blossomed , as if they had just been cut.
  • The flower stem contains iron wire, which is convenient for bending or cutting.

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Since roughly 1,500 years ago, people have been making fake flowers out of silk. There are many ways to employ plants, from little succulents to massive trees and shrubs, to give the impression that your home is bigger, brighter, and more filled.


To maintain a green atmosphere, people are increasingly turning to artificial house plants and flowers. Artificial roses, formerly derided as being excessively fake, are now offered in a wide range of lifelike varieties.


In numerous instances, artificial roses may be used, or genuine and artificial roses may be combined. Undoubtedly, fake roses have drawbacks. They are lifeless and lacking. Artificial roses are not as expensive as real roses. In light of this, you can decide whether to utilize a real rose or an artificial one.


This artificial was created by a skilled specialist with the best materials possible which are fabric and plastic, giving it endurance and a realistic look. The latest technology was used to create this fake rose flower, ensuring perfection in every detail.


The length of Silk Rose Flowers Blossomed is 25 inches and it has 3 flower heads and 2 blossom heads of 3.2 inches. We make the flower stem with steel wire so that you can shape it or cut it as per your requirements.


Fenchyflora are one of the best in the market as an Artificial Rose Manufacturer. We have served many of our clients who are quite happy with our services. You can go through our catalogue to have a look at the type of decorations we have made earlier with Artificial Roses.


If you want to give conventional beauty to your next event, you must go for artificial roses. We are here to provide you with the product. Consider purchasing this exquisitely crafted imitation flower, which is offered at a very affordable price.

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