Artificial Hydrangea

Artificial Hydrangea

Material:40% Polyester, 20% Plastic, 15% EVA, 15% PVC, 10% Wire

Total Length:85cm

Flower Head Size:8-10cm


* Real touch,easy to bend or cut with wire cutters.

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Artificial Hydrangea is a beautiful flower which can light up any occasion. You can even use it to decorate your workspace or household. We are here to provide you with the best set of Artificial Hydrangea with 40% polyester, 15% EVA, 20% plastic, 15% PVC and 10% wire material.


In most cases, the total length is 85 cm with the flower head of 8-10 cm. There are 3 colors available in this product which is green, blue and white. So, you can choose any of the colors to light up your decoration for any event.


You will get the product which will give you the feeling of a real flower and the wires are made in such a way that it can be cut by the cutters easily. So, you can style it according to your theme by customizing the size.


Fenchyflora are here to provide you with the best material along with the matching vases in case of an event decoration. Most of the time, pastel shades look best in any event because they add a subtle beauty to the atmosphere. Nowadays, keeping the decoration subtle is always the best to achieve elegance.


Whenever you decorate a space with this flower, you must make sure that you add contrasting elements with the flower like vases or lights of contrasting color shades. It will add an ethereal feeling to the decoration and the whole area will lighten up itself.


If you are going to host an event soon, you must check out our catalogue to find suitable colors and decoration styles with Artificial Hydrangea. We can assure you that we will try to use it in the best way possible according to your theme.


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