About Us

Incorporated in 2016

Yunnan Banglao Trading Company Limited

Banglao is specialized and focused on developing and manufacturing wide ranges of preserved flowers, preserved rose, preserved pampas grass,foliage and flora products. We are strategically located in Kunming of Yunnan, where is birthplace of Chinese flowers industry. Since beginning of incorporation, Banglao has been dedicated to providing high quality, innovative and competitive OEM and ODM products to our customers. With the combination of our technical expertise and industry experience, Banglao has been established as a recognized manufacturer with strong emphasis on research and development and modern manufacturing technologies to provide the best of what our customers’ need. Providing high quality products, customer satisfaction and superior service has been always central of Banglao’s philosophy.

Know More About Us To Be Aware Of Our Philosophy!

We, Yunnan Banglao Trading Company Limited started our journey in 2016 and since then, we have tried to achieve customer satisfaction every time we serve any of our clients. We are specialists in preserved flowers decoration and many more. There are some things which make us unique in this market.

We are one of the best preserved flowers wholesale companies and we have obtained the position by specializing in developing as well as manufacturing preserved flowers like rose, pampas grass, different flora products and foliages. So, you can definitely check out other preserved flowers manufacturer company profiles. But you will get the customized service at a reasonable price from us.

• We have set up our office in Kunming in Yunnan which is the birthplace of the famous flower industry of China. That is why it was quite a cakewalk for us to become one of the best preserved roses manufacturer companies in this market.

• We have always tried to provide high-quality service to our customers as a preserved pampas grass manufacturer. We try to have some advantage in this competitive market by introducing innovative approaches to floral decoration so that people can get the best out of our packages as a preserved rose manufacturer.

• We have built our team with people who are technically sound so that they can handle all the orders in an innovative way and give our customers a unique experience. They have industry experience in this field as well to give a classy and elegant touch to your decoration.

So, if you have a requirement for any type of artificial flowers, natural dried flowers, customized bouquets or sola flowers then you may contact us or directly visit us. You may check out our catalogue to learn more about our products.